What on Earth happened here?

We want to find out; so once we're settled in properly, we'll start posting everything we know and can find out about this interesting little pub.

We know a few things already, like:

  • it used to be three bars
  • it's very old - probably over 150 years as the Hand in Hand
  • the previous owner put a brewery in it in 1989, which we still use today
  • it started life as a coal merchants
  • it was called the Gaslighter's Arms for a short period of time
  • the previous owner used to cut off customer's ties
  • most of the photos we see are black and white, so we don't even know what colour it used to be painted

Do you know anything?

Did you drink here many moons ago and remember anything interesting about the place? Did you work here or do building works here? We would love to build a historical account of the Hand in Hand, so let us know anything you do...

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