We're going to build this website while it's live on air. It's probably not the best way to do it, but I'm not sure how to stop it; so it's going to be changing here and there all the time.

But this exciting first post of the Hand in Hand blog is all about this first post in the blog. It's the first one, so it's just a test... I might even delete it. Basically, I just need to work out how to use this thing, so I just need to keep putting stuff up as it comes. We haven't got much stuff to put up yet, so it's just stuff like this blog at the moment. The first one.

But very soon there'll be loads of things here like what beers we've got in, or what beers we're getting in. There will be posts about what's going on, what went on and what's coming up, and loads of posts about our upcoming adventure in making beer.

Jen's downstairs right now working behind the bar until Zaz gets here. When she does, Jen and Dan are going to rack up the pilot brew, which we might call Oddly Shed. It'll be on the pumps very soon, but I'll leave it to Jen to talk about that.

I've just finished a pint of Brighton Bier keg, so I'd better dash off now.